A Fact-Checker’s Guide to Thanksgiving Politics

As many as 88 million Americans with pre-existing conditions are insured through their employers, according to the same report, and would not have been directly affected by Republican repeal plans. In a worst-case scenario, the repeal plan that passed the House would have affected 4.7 million people with pre-existing conditions.

Under “Medicare for all,” all Americans would receive health insurance from Medicare instead of private companies or other programs like Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act exchanges. Proposals in the House and Senate would expand benefits for current and future Medicare beneficiaries, and cut costs.

At campaign rallies, Mr. Trump repeatedly said that Democrats “want to take away your real health care and use socialism to turn America into Venezuela” — referring to “Medicare for all” proposals. But Venezuela’s health care system was not a major factor in its economic and political crisis. Other countries like Britain, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, which have universal health care systems with government-owned and government-operated health care providers, are nowhere near the verge of collapse.

Comments from Mr. Trump, social media posts or incomplete headlines may have given the impression that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford walked back her testimony to Congress after accusing Justice Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when they were both teenagers.

In fact, those references point to another accuser, a little-known woman named Judy Munro-Leighton, who recanted her claim of sexual assault. Ms. Munro-Leighton claimed to be the Jane Doe behind an anonymous letter sent to Senator Kamala Harris, Democrat of California; the letter contained graphic allegations of assault. But she reversed herself to investigators on the Senate Judiciary Committee in November, admitting that she had fabricated the story, according to Senator Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa and the committee’s chairman, in a letter he wrote to the F.B.I.

Mr. Trump often boasts about record lows in the unemployment rate for different groups, and with good reason. Unemployment rates among black Americans and Asian-Americans reached their lowest point in May, at 5.9 percent and 2.0 percent, since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began calculating the rates, though both have since ticked up. The Hispanic unemployment rate reached its lowest recorded point in October, at 4.4 percent.

Who deserves the credit?

Both Mr. Trump and former President Barack Obama have claimed credit for the booming economy. If the economy continues to grow until next spring, it will represent 10 years of expansion, the longest period ever.

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