Paul Manafort’s fate is in the hands of the jury Video

  • Now Playing: Manafort prosecutors expect to rest case Monday

  • Now Playing: Closing arguments in Manafort trial began today

  • Now Playing: Manafort case goes to jury

  • Now Playing: 60 former CIA officers condemn Trump for revoking security clearance

  • Now Playing: Trump responds to critics of Brennan clearance decision

  • Now Playing: Manafort trial deliberation

  • Now Playing: Trump responds to backlash

  • Now Playing: Paul Manafort’s fate is in the hands of the jury

  • Now Playing: Trump cancels military parade as estimated cost balloons

  • Now Playing: Trump says security clearances are ‘very important to me’

  • Now Playing: Trump calls Manafort trial ‘very sad’ for country

  • Now Playing: Trump: ‘I never respected’ John Brennan

  • Now Playing: Intelligence officials speak out on Trump clearance threat

  • Now Playing: Lara Trump offered Omarosa $180K salary: Recording

  • Now Playing: Trump gives new reason for stripping Brennan’s clearance

  • Now Playing: Omarosa releases new audio

  • Now Playing: Trump’s military parade will cost millions

  • Now Playing: Aretha Franklin dies at 76

  • Now Playing: Lawmakers clash with federal officials during a heated hearing

  • Now Playing: The Briefing Room: Rep. John Lewis remembers Aretha Franklin

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