Former Trump aide expected to face grand jury Video

  • Now Playing: Interior to spend $139,000 on new doors

  • Now Playing: Former Trump aide expected to face grand jury

  • Now Playing: Trump signs new tax on steel and aluminum imports despite critics

  • Now Playing: Trump asked former chief of staff about special counsel team: Sources

  • Now Playing: Trump agrees to meet with Kim Jong Un by May

  • Now Playing: Major announcement coming from South Korea on North Korea: Trump

  • Now Playing: President Trump signs tariff proclamations amid pushback

  • Now Playing: Trump defies critics, makes steel and aluminum tariffs official

  • Now Playing: Trump stands his ground on tariffs despite GOP pushback

  • Now Playing: Nashville mayor affair: Double standard?

  • Now Playing: White House says Stormy Daniels case won in arbitration: What’s next for Daniels?

  • Now Playing: Trump ribs Gary Cohn as a ‘globalist’

  • Now Playing: Tillerson still cleaning up Trump’s derogatory comments on day one of Africa trip

  • Now Playing: Former Trump campaign manager to face questions in Russian probe

  • Now Playing: Adult film star’s lawyer claims Trump knew of payments

  • Now Playing: Will Trump sign new trade plan?

  • Now Playing: Trump asked witnesses about special counsel talks: Source

  • Now Playing: Trump asked special counsel witnesses about discussions: Source

  • Now Playing: Sanders won’t answer direct question on Stormy Daniels payment

  • Now Playing: Sarah Sanders defends unusually high level of WH turnover

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